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I have always loved and admired the jewelry of India.  The design inspiration, the intricate details, the ancient techniques of goldsmithing - and of course the gorgeous gemstones - are the hallmarks of Indian jewelry.  One of the designers I've recently come to admire is Arunashi.  Arun Bohra, founder of Arunashi, was born into his family's jewelry business, Jewels Emporium, a jewelry house that began in 1841. Born in Jaipur India, he is the 8th generation of jewelers and craftsmen who designed pieces for the Royal families of India.  Arunashi, the name a combination of Arun and his wife Ashita's names, made their international foray into the US in 2004.  The Arunashi collection is sophisticated, opulent jewelry that is manufactured with old world craftsmanship but contemporary style that is up-to-date and fashion forward.  Blending innovation, design and remarkable craftsmanship the jewelry highlights amazing colored gemstones and diamonds.  

My favorite earrings are these spectacular sapphire earrings, so organic in nature - I love the mix of faceted gems  and freeform cabochons in shades of blues and purples detailed by ribbons of diamonds.

Sapphire and diamond earrings from the Pebbles and Boulders collection

Arunashi has received prestigious awards for their one-of-a-kind art jewels, including the Couture, Town & Country Couture, and the AGTA Spectrum Awards. Below is a 33 carat vivid green tsavorite garnet set with white sapphires, demantoid garnets, diamonds and opals in titanium. It is the magnificent centerpiece of  a rose-cut diamond and titanium station chain accented with mother-of-pearl, diamonds and a floating demantoid garnet.  Spectacular!

Couture Award winning piece featuring a tsavorite garnet - my favorite from the collection!
Christine's Gem to Remember

The award winning pendant front and back

Aside from the attention to detail and the intricate setting of gems, Arunashi also utilizes blackened gold which really accents the gemstones and makes them "pop" with brilliant color.

  "Wild Orchids" ring:  fire opal, sapphire and diamonds in blackened 18k gold

And matching earrings

The Arunashi collection was first launched at Bergdorf Goodman in NY, then followed by Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in the US, as well as Harvey Nichols in the UK.  The collection can also be found in exclusive jewelry boutiques around the world.

Mulit-colored gemstone "garden earrings" featuring water opals, sapphires, tsavorite garnets and diamonds set in titanium - WOW! 

Purple sapphire earrings with diamonds set in 18k black gold

Rubellite tourmaline ring in 18k black gold with diamonds
This outstanding ring has such a beautiful shank - like interwoven branches.  The blue moonstone glows from within accented by diamonds and sapphires, set in titanium.

Moonstone, sapphire and diamond ring

Another view of the moonstone, sapphire and diamond ring
There is something almost 'other worldly' about Arunashi's wonderful jewels.  The smoothly polished and glowing orbs of the cabochon gemstones interspersed with the sparkle of traditionally cut round brilliant diamonds and other colored gems, and Arun's extensive use of titanium make Arunashi's jewels truly stand out.  Like the moonstone ring above, the cultured pearl, sapphire, emerald, and diamond earrings below are a perfect example of Arunashi's work and some of Patricia's favorites.

 Cultured pearl, emerald, sapphire and diamond earrings
 Patricia's Gem to Remember

Unique and unusual ebony cuff bracelet with opal, tanzanites, violet sapphires and diamonds

Tsavorite garnet "rock ring" in 18k black gold with diamonds - one of my favorite gemstones!

18k black gold with pink and purple sapphires and diamonds - so elegant and statement!

Fabulous bangle bracelets encrusted with blue and green sapphires and diamonds
 or pink and blue sapphires with diamonds (below)!  Again the use of blackened gold really enhances the gemstones in these bangles. The combination of colored gemstones along with different cuts and shapes make each Arunashi piece a special treasure indeed.

The color and asymmetrical shapes in the opal cabochons accented with diamonds and sapphires make this statement ring truly exceptional.

Greenish-Blue opal, diamond and sapphire ring

I adore these unique earrings of pave set rose-cut diamonds and reverse-set green demantoid garnets.  Rose-cut diamonds have a flat bottom and a faceted top, a cut that dates back to the 16th century, and one that is very popular in Indian jewelry.  And I love when jewelers use the reverse-set; the gemstone is set "table" or top  down to expose the bottom point or "pavilion" of the gem. Meshing the old style with the new - so fresh and creative!

Diamond and dematoid garnet earrings

Black opal "egg drop" earrings with diamonds in black gold

I just love the briolette cut diamonds and gems in the center of this flower ring, another cut often seen in Indian jewelry and one of my favorites. The briolette is an elongated pear or oval shaped gemstone that is cut with facets, like a chandelier's drop, and is most often drilled to hang as a bead or pendant.

"Wild Orchid" Aquamarine and diamond ring

This ring looks as if it was washed in from the sea with the lustrous pearl and lively opals with blue and green play-of-color accented with sparkling diamonds.

Baroque pearl, opal and diamond ring

Arun Bohra, CEO of Arunashi

All photos courtesy of Arunahsi. To learn more about Arunashi please visit their facebook page hhtps://

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you're interested in purchasing any of the beautiful jewels you see here!

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