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Post by Christine Webb

One of my very favorite jewelry designers for the past 25 years is Paula Crevoshay, the Queen of Color! From the first time I visited her booth at the Las Vegas AGTA GemFair, I was wowed by the most beautiful colorful display of fine jewelry I had ever seen.

Fire opal, amethyst and diamond orchid pendant

What sets Paula's pieces apart is her attention to detail, the engineering and manufacturing, and most importantly, the combining of extraordinary colored gemstones to create vibrant opulent jewelry.  Crevoshay jewels are one-of-a-kind art jewels.  Each piece is hand crafted in 18k yellow gold with incredible gemstones of the finest color and cut.  Many of the pieces incorporate ancient techniques of etching, engraving, piercing and granulation - created by master goldsmiths.  Crevoshay is influenced by nature as seen in her gem-encrusted flowers and butterflies.  She also takes inspiration from the antiquity of Asia as seen in many of her timeless, elegant designs.  Paula's pieces are collected by connoisseurs around the world and exhibited in major museums including the Smithsonian, Carnegie, Headley-Whitney, and Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

My favorite piece from Crevoshay's 2013 Collection at the Tucson AGTA GemFair - a magnificent water opal accented with emerald and diamonds - truly fit for a queen!

Christine's Gem to Remember

This was a close second for my favorite  - a spectacular black opal cuff bracelet in 18k yellow gold with sapphire accents - look at the play-of-color.  I just love the opal; it reminds me of a Monet painting!  And the attention to detail and design of the bracelet is beautifully executed by a very talented goldsmith and master artist.

Patricia is a huge fan of Crevoshay earrings - with a little black dress or a formal gown, Crevoshay earrings are all you need to wear to feel like royalty.  She loves these carved tourmaline and diamond earrings.  Yummy!
                                                        Patricia's Gem to Remember

Paula received her Master of Arts degree in 1977.  Marrying the Fulbright Scholar, George Crevoshay, in 1978 she moved to India for three years and exhibited her paintings and sculptures.  Having been inspired by the antiquity of Asia, and her husband's interest in gemstones, she returned to the States and launched her first collection of one-of-a-kind art jewels.  Combining the disciplines of fine art, gemology, and history with jewelry making transformed Crevoshay into a fresh unique talent. The pieces you see here exemplify timeless style, extraordinary gemstones, and exquisite craftsmanship along with a masterful use of color!

Isis - Gorgeous orchid encrusted with green tsavorite garnets,  sapphires and diamonds; the rings are an outstanding round peridot accented with green tourmalines and a juicy oval red tourmaline accented with diamonds - perfect pairing with the pendant!

 A new piece from the Crevoshay collection:  Carved tanzanite in an 18k yellow gold pendant with diamonds - SPECTACULAR!

Carved Jade earrings in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

Fabulous black opal earrings accented with green tsavorite garnets and diamonds:

Jessie - wild rose pendant with pink and yellow sapphires, peridot and diamonds:

Luminescent Chrysoprase drops with green tsavorite garnets:

Persephone's Gift - fiery orange spessartite garnet with diamonds:

Exquisitely detailed cuff bracelets with boulder opal, tourmaline and abalone pearl:

The perfect pair of sapphire and diamond earrings

I am in love with this spectacular opal ring, accented with tourmalines and diamonds.  Notice the amazing openwork design in the shank - gorgeous!

Midnight Seduction - sapphire, zircon, diamond, coral, tourmaline and abalone pearl acquired for the Gemological Institute of America's collection:

Conchita - Montana Sapphire Butterfly brooch on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's
National Museum of Natural History.  A collaboration and gift from designer Paula Crevoshay and gem dealer Robert Kane of Fine Gems International.  See it when you're next in Washington D.C.:
 Photo courtesy Fine Gems International; photographer: Harold & Erica van Pelt

All photos courtesy of Paula Crevoshay unless otherwise noted. Contact us if you're interested in purchasing any of the beautiful jewels you see here!

To learn more about Paula Crevoshay and her art jewels, please visit her website

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