Thursday, November 21, 2013

Donna Distefano, Ltd.

Post by Patricia Syvrud

One of the more interesting sides of working in the jewelry industry is getting to know the designers as PEOPLE.  Patricia met Donna Distefano in June 2011 when Donna was recognized by the industry charity 'Jewelers That Care' during a major jewelry industry event. A beautiful person inside and out, the NY-based Distefano is more of a private jeweler than a full-blown jewelry retailer and has a devoted celebrity following. 

A student of art history and Italian culture, Donna was the senior goldsmith for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY before launching her eponymous company, Donna Distefano Ltd.  Her pieces are all hand-crafted using techniques that have endured over centuries and reflect the culture and craftsmanship that she values.

Donna at her work bench
Donna has a strong calling to create jewelry using responsibly-sourced gemstones and fairtrade gold. A frequenter of wedding events, she has stand-apart 'living' displays of models draped in gorgeous Italian designer wedding gowns accented with her unique wedding jewelry.  Below are the 'before' and 'after' images of the 'Allegory of Spring' 22K yellow gold wedding diadem: