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Erica Courtney

Post by Christine Webb

Erica Courtney - Drop Dead Gorgeous - and so is her jewelry! One of my favorite designers, Erica is a real gem of a lady.  She is bright, creative, confident, energetic and extremely talented - as well as big fun to be around!  I dream of the day when I own an Erica Courtney creation - hopefully a statement ring or fabulous earrings.  What sets Erica's jewelry apart is her feminine style that is expressed in each and every piece. From the filigree to the micro-pavé work to the openness of the designs - they appear light and airy - reminding me of jewelry made during the early 1900s and the Belle Epoque period but with a fresh twist. Erica just makes colored stones pretty!  I'm usually focused on the gemstone, but Erica's pieces are true works of art and the masterful craftsmanship and sophistication of her designs have me swooning. I am so overwhelmed by her Drop Dead Gorgeous jewelry - I've selected several pieces as my Gem to Remember - I simply can't pick just one!

A sampling of fabulous rings - how could you choose just one?!

Erica Courtney began designing in 1984 while living in Dallas by embellishing sunglasses and watches with crystals and creating casual costume jewelry.  After being asked countless times by friends and strangers, where could they buy her pieces, she started producing a line.  In 1989, Erica moved to Los Angeles where her inspiration took off, and she started designing fine jewelry. Through the evolution of her brand, Erica's jewelry has become a staple in Hollywood, adorning many stars on and off the red carpet.  Her award winning jewelry is featured in fashion magazines constantly! And her jewelry can be found in the finest jewelry stores nationwide.

This ring has it all - the gemstone is gorgeous, the design is out of this world beautiful, and the masterful craftsmanship is amazing - even the prongs have diamonds! The attention to detail is obvious. I don't know about you, but I want jewelry that is special, unique and fabulous - and not something you see everyone else wearing.

Pink tourmaline and diamonds - a masterpiece!

Christine's Gem to Remember

I love, love, love the shank of this ring with the bands of diamonds and opals in a crossover design. And the undercarraige of this mounting continues the design "presenting" the opal like a special gift.

Fire Opal and diamond ring

This is the absolute perfect pearl ring - I'm left speechless. This ring looks like a Russian Tsarina should be wearing it - seriously!

Tahitian pearl with tsavorite garnets and diamonds.  

Amazing gemstones "pop" with color surrounded by dazzling diamonds in gorgeous gold designs. Such rich vibrant colors - such special gems!

Moonstone with blue sapphires and diamonds - a statement ring.

Erica Courtney travels the world to source precious gemstones and pearls - all hand selected by her. She takes great pride in sketching every single design, and the pieces are created locally in Los Angeles by a master artisan. Erica's entrepreneurial spirit and artistic talent shine through in every single piece.

Exquisite design, couture fashion, statement!  Eye candy indeed.

Aquamarine and diamond ring in white gold - fit for a queen!

I am absolutely crazy for these earrings.  A bold statement with the intense red sunstones set in an elegant pavé diamond frame, again giving the feel of vintage jewelry.  Perfection!

Vibrant red sunstone with diamonds

Christine's Gem to Remember

Erica's designs are not only beautiful, they are versatile as well.  A trend that smart jewelry designers have adopted, Erica creates earring drops that can be worn with multiple "toppers" - as seen here - transforming the drop into totally different and unique looks.  I just love jewelry that can change with your wardrobe, and Patricia has chosen this suite as her Gem to Remember.  Look how stunning and unique each earring is, utilizing the same drop.  Genius! 

Prasiolite (green quartz) drops shown with different "toppers":
diamond anchor, stud, or diamond hoop
Patricia's Gem to Remember

These spectacular earrings have been featured in countless bridal magazines and are a favorite of celebrity brides who love Erica Courtney jewelry.  Later in this post, you'll see her extraordinary engagement rings and wedding bands.

Quintessential Erica Courtney Flower Basket diamond earrings

Tanzanite and diamond earrings - one of my favorite gems - breathtaking design.

These earrings are a wonderful example of a simple, tasteful design that can be worn with jeans or a little black dress - every single day.  Earrings that will stand the test of time and can be worn by women of all ages.  Brilliant!

Flower drop earrings of gold and diamonds

Simply stunning - oval pink tourmalines with an exquisite pavé diamond frame.
  Just focus on the design - astonishing!

Natural pear-shaped zircon in shades of honey and cognac that sparkle and shine
 accented with diamonds - beyond spectacular.

Aquamarine and diamond pendant necklace - elegant, refined, exquisite - quintessential Erica Courtney.  Would you ever need another necklace - I think not!

Spessartite garnets are one of my favorite gems.  The rich tangerine orange color is so vibrant and intense - these garnets are called Mandarin.  And the chain of the necklace is undeniably fabulous - the design is stunning and unique - then add the one-of-a-kind pendant - beyond compare!

Rare and important Mandarin garnet pendant necklace - for a true collector.

This is my third Gem to Remember pick!  I'm obsessed with fine colored tanzanite - it must be intense blue with a violet modifier and flashes of red - just like the gems you see here.  I also love the emerald cut, as most often you see oval, cushion or even triangular cut tanzanites. And the pink sapphires are the perfect accent.  Drop Dead Gorgeous!

Tanzanites, pink sapphires and diamonds - like a picture frame - a true masterpiece!
Christine's Gem to Remember

The design of this pendant is truly divine!  It comes in any
 gemstone you wish - bold and beautiful.

Pear-shaped aquamarine encrusted in a platinum and diamond floral motif.
  Move over Fabergé!

Another fantastic gemstone set in a diamond frame - delicate and oh so feminine.

Blue topaz Lotus pendant on a citrine necklace - simply outstanding.

Rich purple amethyst makes this bracelet a show-stopper.
  You might not be able to take your eyes off of your wrist!

Orange sapphires with a gold and diamond "E" clasp - draped
 in strands of opulent orange - divine!

Gold bangles adorned with charms and diamonds - available in many variations.
  Just wanting to be stacked!

Erica is known for her colored stone baubles - but she has also designed a breathtaking collection of diamond engagement rings and wedding bands to make any bride say "yes"

Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds
 Three layers of diamonds surrounding the center stone - stunning!

A fancy cut diamond held by bezel-set diamond prongs and a lovely diamond encrusted shank

Seriously - what a way to mount an oval cut diamond - classic, timeless, so easy to wear.

Did I say that I love an emerald cut diamond?!  This ring highlights the center emerald cut diamond with baguette diamonds stepped down to either side, then accented with round brilliant cut diamonds in the shank. Just like Ice - clearly brilliant.

Love this sweet setting.  Bezel set diamonds surround the center fancy cut diamond giving it a romantic floral feel - perfect in yellow gold.

An Ascher cut diamond - one of my favorite cuts - surrounded by bezel set diamonds, flanked by two pink diamonds on either side.  The milgrain accents make this look like a turn of the century gem.  Milgrain is a french word meaning "a thousand grains" - when incorporated in a piece of jewelry, it is usually seen on the edges as a decorative detail that gives a finished elegant look.  Indeed it does!

This ring has an Art Deco feel to it - geometric, streamlined, bold - again 
highlighting a fancy cut diamond.

Below are an assortment of diamond band rings that are really pieces of art.  Worn together with an engagement ring or alone, these are treasures for any bride - or a great band ring for the right hand.

Have we mentioned yet that Erica is, of course, an award winning designer?  Having won a plethora of prestigious design awards over the years, her most recent award is this 2014 AGTA Spectrum Award for "Best Use of Color" for these fabulous colored gemstone earrings featuring boulder opals and fire opals, accented with Paraiba tourmalines and orange sapphires. Erica also won 5 other Spectrum awards for 2014 including the Diva Award.  All of these award winning pieces will be on display at the AGTA GemFair in Tucson this Feb 4-9.  We'll be sure to get images of all!

Christine, Erica and Patricia enjoying a girls night out in Tucson!

For more about Erica Courtney and her fabulous jewelry please visit her website:

All photographs and information courtesy Erica Courtney.

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