Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pascal Lacroix - a sculptor of bracelets!

Post by Patricia Syvrud

Years ago I was working at the Gemological Institute of America, developing their museum collection through donations of iconic jewelry gifted by living fine jewelry designers.  One group I worked with was the American Jewelry Design Council, a "non-profit educational corporation, which recognizes and promotes the appreciation of original jewelry design as art."  Pascal Lacroix, an AJDC member I met at the time, is this week's featured designer.

More sculpture than jewelry, the clean lines and 'infinity'-like styling of Pascal Lacroix's bracelets are an endless circle of elegance for the lucky wearer of his jewels. 

Pascal Lacroix is the only jewelry designer I've met who only makes ONE type of jewelry, in this case bracelets.  His bracelets are custom-made for each client and include a hidden clasp and hinge, known only to the wearer. One of a kind treasures indeed.

Born in Brussels and raised in France, Pascal takes inspiration from the refined strokes of Japanese art while surrounded by the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, where he now makes his home.

The clean modern look of this diamond bangle is so elegant and timeless. The diamonds are channel set with such precision, the work only a talented goldsmith can accomplish. Christine loves this sophisticated bracelet - such an updated fresh look and a nice alternative to the "diamond tennis bracelet" - you could wear it everyday. And we most certainly would!

Christine's Gem to Remember

Many of Pascal's creations are 're-mounts' for clients looking for a new life for an old gem -  a fresh family heirloom set with gemstones or diamonds already in the possession of the owner.

Pascal's bracelets FEEL so amazing to wear! With the custom fit and oval, oblong or squared-off shape to control the bracelet twisting and turning on the arm, a Pascal Lacroix bracelet feels like an extension of your inner being, a symbol of strength and serenity.

Here's an example of how a bracelet would look set with the 'family diamonds' passed down from generations, now gathered together in one statement piece.

I have long lusted after a Pascal Lacroix bracelet, particularly the style that swoops across the wrist with a slight curve.  This bracelet below, from the Riviera Collection is set in 14K yellow gold with 0.80 ct diamonds and a 0.25 ct blue sapphire, and is a favorite of mine:
Patricia's Gem to Remember
Although quite contemporary, Pascal's designs are timeless and span decades of design aesthetic.

Stacked together, Pascal's bracelets compliment each other, rather than detracting from each other!

Even without diamonds or colored gemstones, Pascal's bracelets make a strong statement of elegance.

And yet multiple gemstones seem right at home either sitting together, on the 'top' of the bracelet, or circling its entirety.

 A new style for Pascal, the Josephine, incorporates the same smooth lines and strong movement of his other designs, yet with a more ruffled, feminine look and feel.

You can contact us at if you're interested in purchasing a custom-made Pascal Lacroix work of art. 

Or to learn more about Pascal Lacroix and his amazing bracelets, please visit his web site at

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