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Henn of London

Post by Christine Webb

I am absolutely enamoured with the jewelry from Henn of London.  Not only are the gemstones cut with beauty in mind, and not weight retention, but the craftsmanship in the goldsmithing, engraving, and enamelling highlight skills only a few can accomplish.  Henn of London combines the refinement of highly sophisticated jewelry with dynamic creativity and the incorporation of the finest gemstones.  But what truly sets the jewelry apart, and exemplifies the brand, is the incredible enamelling. The expertise in the hand-engraving and the highly skilled art of enamelling results in the most exquisite jewels. Each piece is hand-crafted and exudes elegance and refinement - pieces that will stand the test of time to be worn for a lifetime - beyond stunning!
Necklace in 18k yellow gold, spessartite garnet and diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled

Master goldsmith Ingo Henn is based in London's Hatton Garden jewelry district.  Ingo works differently than many jewelers - he selects a beautiful gem for the focal point and "lets it speak to me."  Many designers start their designs with an idea and then search for the gems.  Of course what Ingo has that other jewelers most likely do not have is easy access to incredible gems.  His roots run deep as his family is made up of 4th generation gemstone dealers and cutters from the world renowned cutting center of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Ingo's family members are famous gem dealers who source some of the finest gems in the world.  And you can see the importance of using such top quality gems in his one-of-a-kind art jewels.

What I dream of owning someday is a Henn of London ring.  The sophistication, exactness and clean lines are quintessential Henn. The design and implementation of the enamel work detailing the mountings are spectacular.  What color to choose is the only question!

  Rings in 18k yellow gold, spessartite garnet and peridot cabochons, hand engraved and enamelled
 Christine's Gem to Remember

The suite of tourmaline jewelry below is quintessential Henn of London - and truly fit for a Queen.  I had the opportunity to try these incredible pieces on while in Tucson in 2012 - oh they felt so wonderful on - and I have to say they looked magnificent!  Beyond words!
 Earrings in 18k yellow gold, green tourmalines and diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled

the matching ring

and the piece de resistance - the necklace!  Look at the well-matched marquise cut tourmalines and the design of the engraving and enamelling. Simply stunning!

Enamelling is a technique where powdered glass is fused, by firing at high temperature, onto metals such as gold.  The colored glass fills in the engraved cells and displays a depth and dimension while adding color and luster.  Very few craftsmen have the skill to create fine quality enamel work like the old world masters, Faberge and Lalique, but Henn of London is doing it today!

Patricia: I have always been completely enamoured with Ingo's brooches.  They are just SO unique and the precision and exactness that goes into all of his pieces is exemplified in his brooches.  Usually centered around a gorgeous, juicy colored gemstone, the center stones are set in a completely separate piece, then 'sunk' into the finished enamelled brooch and secured with tiny screws.  But you wouldn't know this until Ingo himself shows you the amazing workmanship. This way both the setting of the typically large gemstones and fineness of the enamel work are not negatively impacted by exposing one part to heat while working on the other - always a challenge in creating fine jewelry, especially so when working with enamel.  The gorgeous aquamarine brooch below is one of my favorites.

Oh Blue: Pendant/brooch in 18k white gold, Santa Maria Brazilian aquamarine and diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled
Patricia's Gem to Remember

Henn of London also creates regal suites of jewelry as seen here in this diamond encrusted necklace and earrings featuring tanzanites, the color a tanzanite should be - vivid blue with highlights of violet and flashes of red.  The epitome of fine jewelry!

 Necklace and earrings in 18k white gold with tanzanites and diamonds
Centerpiece in 18k white gold set with aquamarine and diamonds, hand engraved and enameled, with faceted moonstone bead necklace

Pendant/brooch in 18k yellow gold, spessartite garnet and diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled

Rings in 18k white gold, set with aquamarine, tanzanites and diamonds,
 hand engraved and enamelled

 Pendant/brooch in 18k white gold, rubellite tourmaline and diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled

Necklace centerpiece in 18k yellow gold with Mandarin garnets and diamonds,
 hand engraved and enamelled - reminds me of a sunrise or sunset!

Rings in 18k white gold, rubellite, moonstone and aquamarine cabochons,
 hand engraved and enamelled

The four pieces below were on display at the Henn Gallery in Idar-Oberstein, Germany when I visited in late October 2013.  The Henn Gallery is where Ingo's father, Jurgen, and brother, Axel run the family business, the parent company.  This is where Ingo sources the rare colored gemstones he incorporates into his jewelry.

The hinged cuff bracelet with square cut green tourmalines, diamonds and enamelling was by far my favorite piece that day.  The rubellite pendant, peridot pendant and the spectacular orchid pendant were also breathtaking - each one-of-a-kind - and true pieces of art.

 Green tourmaline cuff bracelet in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, hand engraved and enamelled

 Rubellite tourmaline pendant with diamonds in 18k white gold, hand engraved and enamelled
 Peridot pendant in 18k yellow gold with hand engraved and enamelled

 Orchid pendant in 18k yellow gold, hand engraved and enamelled

Henn Gallery in Idar-Oberstein, Germany

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Ingo Henn of Henn of London

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