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Todd Reed, Raw Elegance

Post by Patricia Syvrud

One of the conundrums of the jewelry world is that there are so many products out there that all look the same, yet at the same time, there’s also so much wonderful and truly unique jewelry and so many inspired jewelry designers. Todd Reed is one of those talented and inspired award-winning designers that you should know.

A selection of Todd Reed jewelry from the Quadrum Gallery:
                                                                                              Photo Courtesy of

A pioneer in the use of rough diamonds in contemporary fine jewelry design, Todd Reed singlehandedly started the trend for incorporating the beauty that is an unfaceted diamond into strong ‘statement’ jewels, trademarking “Raw Elegance” to capture the essence of his design esthetic.

 Palladium metal band rings in "Autumn", Black, White, and "Raw" cube diamonds:

A self-taught artist, Todd's innate design sense and artistic flair is part of his DNA, as his mother was a renowned commercial illustrator and his childhood was steeped in creative work.

"Water" pin, from the American Jewelry Design Council's Annual Design Project, recently on display at the Forbes Galleries, NYC

Todd Reed cuff, 18K gold, silver, raw diamonds and white round brilliant diamonds

Todd is passionate about ethical sourcing, a sustainable supply chain, and supporting causes that positively impact the jewelry industry.  True to his word, he supports the Diamond Development Initiative at the Millennium Star level, the highest level of donor support for the organization.

"Tear" pin, from the American Jewelry Design Council's Annual Design Project, recently on display at the Forbes Galleries, NYC

"Explosion" pin, from the American Jewelry Design Council's Annual Design Project, set with a large aquamarine, recently on display at the Forbes Galleries, NYC

Todd Reed cuff in 18K yellow gold, diamond 'macles' and pink round brilliant diamonds.  LOVE this and have picked it as this week's Gem To Remember. The rough 'macle' yellow diamonds and the brushed finish make this a statement piece that is truly 'Raw Elegance'!
Patricia's Gem to Remember

Todd finds inspiration in the world around him, and is most drawn to what others find ordinary: "A sunset, a shadow, a ripple in a pond, a short meaningful conversation, a passionate moment, the way a horse tail softly brushes away an irritating fly, the way ice melts.  To me there is so much wonder in the obvious..."

Todd Reed cuff in 18K yellow gold and sterling silver, set with rose cut, fancy colored and rough diamonds.
Todd is one of the few high end designers to work in palladium, a platinum group metal.  Whiter than many 'white' golds, it requires skill and a sophisticated touch in order to work with palladium, but also offers a competitive price point.

Palladium dangle earrings set with rough, natural colored diamonds, accented with round brilliant diamond pave.

Palladium and silver earrings set with pear shaped natural fancy diamonds, rough diamonds and accented with round brilliant diamonds.

A stack of Todd Reed bangles in different metals.

This statement cuff in 18k yellow gold has natural colored diamonds in marquise-shaped rose cuts - it is magnificent - and truly one-of-a-kind. Todd is involved in every step of the process. As with all of his pieces, this bracelet was inspired, designed and hand-fabricated in Boulder, Colorado with recycled metals and diamonds, giving rise to its individuality.

My blog partner, Christine Webb, was drawn to Todd Reed's jewelry because of his use of raw diamonds. The inherent beauty and the unique shapes and colors of natural diamonds make his jewelry so special.  Just as no two diamonds are alike, no two pieces of his jewelry are alike.  Note the rose cut diamonds bezel set in the middle of the band, flanked by rows of raw diamond cubes. Now this would be an amazing wedding band!
Christine's Gem to Remember

Todd keeps his designs fresh by constantly creating new and unique pieces and sketches constantly!

Necklace in 18K yellow gold, silver, and natural fancy colored diamonds, accented with round brilliant diamonds.

I love this pendant set in 18K yellow gold, highlighting an 11.71 ct natural red fancy colored diamond.  Talk about one-of-a-kind!

Many of Todd's pieces could be worn by a man or a woman, but Todd plans to expand his men's collection in the future.

18K yellow gold ring set with a rough black diamond, accented with round brilliant diamonds.

A new direction for Todd is to incorporate more colored gemstones into his pieces.  The gorgeous palladium cuff below features a striking 24.97ct garnet, beautiful Tahitian cultured pearls, silver and round brilliant diamonds.  It was fabricated by one of Todd's master bench jewelers, who wrote about the artistic process in their blog:


Check out this Todd Reed cuff in 18K yellow gold, set with a lovely, soft blue 42 carat chalcedony, with black round brilliant cut diamonds. Ready for spring!

To see more of Todd Reed's beautiful pieces,  and to find out where to purchase, go to

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