Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pinar Oner Design Atelier

Post by Patricia Syvrud

Say the words 'Istanbul, Turkey' and one is immediately transported to an exotic land that many of us only dream about - the beautiful mosques turned cathedrals turned museums; the ever present Turkish tea and sweet Turkish delight in its myriad of flavors; the deep, rich colors of handmade Kilim carpets, brass and glassware in the bazaars; and the sights and sounds of slender minarets reaching for the sky that reverberate with the haunting 'call to prayer' throughout the day and night.  Luckily for those of us who love jewelry, the young, talented Turkish jewelry designer Pinar Oner is spreading her wings and culture to the markets far from home.
True Oath ring from the Byzantine Collection, in 18K yellow gold and enamel:
View of the Hagia Sophia from inside the Blue Mosque

A street market in Istanbul

Pinar Oner is founder of Pinar Oner Design Atelier in Istanbul, Turkey.  Born and raised in Ankara, Pinar always held a fascination for fine jewelry craftsmanship and design, even as a young girl.  After studying graphic arts at university, she took a course at the Parsons New School for Design in New York, where her eyes were opened to the concept of incorporating the world around her into her designs. I recently had the great fortune of visiting Pinar in her atelier in Istanbul and also got a 'sneak peek' at her new retail presence in the lovely, fashionable neighborhood of Nisantasi.
A selection of Pinar Oner's rings.  What a treasure trove of beauty and elegance!

'Reverse set' amethyst in 18K yellow gold and tiny black diamonds from Pinar's Fleur de Lis Collection: